Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunshine on my mind...

In the middle of a very long week, in the middle of a very long winter, I daydream of summer.

I'm the girl who loves the first snowfall, and everything about winter until New Year's has come and gone. Then, I'm ready for bare feet, jean skirts, and tan skin. Forget bundling up for class, chapped lips, and 'nights' that start at 4:00 pm when the sun goes down... Bring on July! 

But, since I clearly (and unfortunately) can't roll the calendar forward six months, I waste my winter days dreaming about the following:

Ahh, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my cheeks. 

Now, rather than torture ourselves with things we simply can't have for a few more months... here are three things I AM thankful for in winter:

1. Cute winter accessories- boots, scarves, mittens and hats!

2. Everything Christmas!

3. An excuse to eat a little more, sleep a little more, and put off getting ready for bikini season... : )

So, until summer rolls around... let's all try to appreciate the season we're in. Buy yourself some sheepskin boots, go sledding, and be thankful for the cozy nights inside with your family and friends... Happy winter everyone!

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Anonymous said...

love your pictures! xoxo