Tuesday, October 26, 2010

toasty thoughts

I'm not sure what it is about this week, but I just can't seem to warm up. As I write this, I'm bundled beneath my coziest sweatshirt, warm woolly socks and a fleece blanket and I'm practically shivering. Perhaps it's the fact that I spent eight hours on the beach in the pouring, freezing rain on Sunday for a photo shoot. Or maybe it's because I refuse to turn my heat on just yet. 
Either way, the cold has definitely made it's way to my town... and right up into my apartment. It has me dreaming of cozy winter nights, surrounded by blazing candles and a roaring fire. I have some serious apartment envy going on as I click through these photographs...
And even though this one isn't roaring, it sure is pretty!
I just might have to pull out a few more layers until I can find my way home to a big, beautiful blaze. Doesn't it just sound lovely? Happy Tuesday, all... stay warm! xo.

{images: onetwothreefourfive}


jayme said...

we've had rain all day and its gross and dreary.. i cannot wait to get home, turn on the fire place cuddle with my dog and blankets with tea and blogs! i love this fall weather!

this free bird said...

what i wouldn't do for a working fireplace!! the gas man came here the other day to install a new meter (first time in 30 years he said)...anyway he shut the pilot on the heat off and when he re-lit it well, it's just not the same and we are COLD!

bring on the blankets!!


Verdigris Vie said...

WEll these are definitely warming...I love woodburning fireplaces...

have fun at the game !!