Sunday, February 28, 2010

bright yellow boat shoes

In honor of the spring-like conditions in the Northwest corner of the country, I've spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon obsessing over all-things spring fashion. Who wouldn't die for the fringe-studded oversize bag or the adorable straw fedora? If only my wallet matched my wish list...

I'm definitely ready to ditch my UGG boots for a cheery pair of floral-print pumps, and lose the heavy winter coat for the rocker-chic mustard jacket from Victoria's Secret. Am I a little too spring-obsessed? Either way, be bold this spring. Don't be afraid to use a pop of bright color and an oversized accessory. Peel off those winter layers and let your inner fashionista come out and enjoy the sunshine :)

Getting ready for another school week, starting tomorrow morning- Monday morning. My favorite. Only two more Mondays of classes, though. That was quick! Time to cram in all of my final projects and study for exams again.

Happy Sunday night! xo 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

flip flops and cow manure

After 18 years in the Midwest, I'm finding myself especially grateful for a mild season and early signs of spring in Washington this year. 

The thermometer has risen well above freezing, the snow has melted and the ground has thawed. Despite the smell of cow manure that has also thawed in the fields surrounding my apartment, I can't help but feel content to be wearing flip flops in February. Last weekend, we were even motivated enough to clean out our closets and get rid of two huge garbage bags of JUNK! I love spring cleaning. I love that as the seasons change and new life blossoms outside, people are also motivated to change... Away with the snow, the ice, the cold... and the unnecessary 'things' that fill up our closets and clutter our lives. Is it strange that an organized closet and a clean, sparkly kitchen make me very very happy? I am that girl that organizes my clothes by color. And yes, I do make my bed every morning. I enjoy doing the dishes- I find it relaxing. And there's nothing better than the smell of fresh lemon cleaning supplies! Have I shared too much?

Back to the point. Spring has (almost) sprung. I'm out of the stuffy rec center and back to jogging blissfully outside under the sun. I dusted off my aviator shades and started driving with the windows open. Though there's still a chill in the air, with my warm blood and thick Wisconsin skin, I'd say I'm almost ready to whip out the bikini!

The one downside to such a beautiful February? It makes sitting in a classroom watching a documentary about Al Jazeera that much harder. It's tough to take "copious notes" (as my professor says) when you can't stop staring out the window, secretly hating the group of guys playing frisbee in the courtyard.

But, summer will come soon enough. For now, I'll count my lucky stars that I'm not in Lawrence, Kansas where schools were cancelled due to snow and ice- brr!

Happy Wednesday- halfway through the week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

grandmas on facebook?

When you start to see people becoming "friends" with their grandparents on Facebook, you truly realize social media is here to stay.

It used to be that you had to be a college student to create a Facebook profile. Then, you could join a workplace network where you were an employee. Now, all you need is an e-mail address to get on. Because of this, the Facebook community now includes everyone from 6th graders to senior citizens, celebrities and politicians alike are on Facebook. (Yes, even the President has a Facebook) My parents are on Facebook. My professors are on Facebook. Employers now search for your Facebook profile before hiring you. Facebook is no longer just a place for college students to post pictures and keep in touch with high school friends. I have friends deleting drunken pictures and embarrassing wall posts because their parents and employers are suddenly seeing those updates on their news feed.

While I'm sure the creators of Facebook are overjoyed at the booming success of their website, I think most of us college 'kids' are still trying to adjust. It's almost as if we're showing our diaries to our grandma... a thought that makes most of us cringe.

I do think social media is a fantastic way to network and keep in touch. And believe me, I do it all. I Facebook, I "tweet," I blog and I even recently created a LinkedIn profile (the grown-up version of Facebook). These tools are huge right now and, when used the right way can be great networking tools-- and lots of fun! My only advice: be smart. Realize that it's not just your sorority sisters or your roommate's boyfriend checking out your stuff anymore. Don't post, tweet or share anything that you wouldn't want your mom seeing because believe me, she will. Right mom??

Perhaps I should stop spending so much time on all of these websites? Just a thought. For now, it's back to writing news copy about the Ellensburg Downtown Association!  xo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i'm not complaining

Today was quite possibly the most gorgeous day I've ever seen in Ellensburg. Bright blue sky, beaming sun and a crispness in the air that gives you just the right amount of pink on your cheeks. :) I'm not used to weather like this in February, but I'm not complaining!!

I realized this morning that we're halfway through the seventh week of classes for Winter quarter. That means we only have three more full weeks of classes, and then a few days of exams. YIKES! I never knew 'quarters' would go by so much faster than 'semesters.' Another thing that I'm not used to but, again, I'm not complaining!!

On a completely unrelated note, tonight I'm dreaming of sleeping in a canopy bed. There's something so whimsical about them. 
images via Claudio Rayes

Doesn't it look like you could just escape to a fabulous dreamland in there?? (Sigh) -- maybe someday. Until then, sweet dreams readers!


Monday, February 15, 2010

welcome home

Today I'm thankful for...

My boyfriend Mikey. For being so sweet and loving and handsome! And for showing me a great time in Lawrence with all of his friends this weekend.

More to come soon. (When I'm not so tired and I'm not so upset about the fact that there's five more weeks until I see Mikey again ... and the fact that I have to go back to school and work tomorrow!) Bonus side? Short week thanks to President's Day!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Hallmark Holiday

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be hopping on a plane in Seattle, and landing three hours later in Kansas City, Missouri to spend four glorious days with my boyfriend. This trip could not come at a better time. Right after a long week of midterms, projects and work, the only thing I need right now is to get away and hang with my man! Do I wish he went to school somewhere else, like... Cabo, perhaps? Sure. But I know we'll have fun despite lots of snow and freezing temperatures... we always do! Nonetheless, I won't be around to post for a few days! So, I thought I'd leave you with my most recent Valentine's Day story for The Observer (CWU's student-run newspaper). Have a good weekend, and a happy happy V-day! :)

Back when Valentine’s Day stood for candy hearts, homemade cards and holding hands at recess, I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the Hallmark holiday. It used to just be the one day of the year when your mom let you dress yourself in head-to-toe pink and your teachers let you eat so much sugar at school you thought your head was going to explode. It was a day when each student brought homemade Valentines for the rest of the kids; no one was excluded. Love was in the air and red frosting was in our stomachs.

But now, all I hear is complaints about the made-up, commercialized holiday. What happened to the fantasy and romance of February 14th? Why can’t St. Valentine exist, and who says you won’t get shot in the heart by a baby Cupid flying around in a diaper? Quite personally, I think Valentine’s Day is one of the greatest holidays ever created. It doesn’t matter if your single, dating, married, divorced, falling in love or you’ve sworn off members of the opposite sex forever.
And if you’re one of those people who hates the commercialism, then forget it! Skip the cards and candy and just take the day to love and be loved. Why not use it as an excuse to pick up the phone and tell your mom you love her? Or your roommate? Or maybe even yourself. The fun stuff is meant just for that: to be fun. But the real meaning of the day is to spread our love around. 
Whatever your thoughts on the holiday, I believe that a day dedicated to motivational candy, heart-shaped everything, and all shades of pink and red is a day to be celebrated in my book. So, Happy Valentine’s Day! Try to spread a little love this year.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!

Well, today is Superbowl Sunday. I'll be the first to admit: I really couldn't care less about football. As hard as I've tried to get myself excited about it, I really think Sunday afternoons are best spent shopping with my mom while the boys watch the games. I wish I could get into it. My boyfriend loves everything about sports, and I almost feel guilty as I sit next to him on the couch reading a magazine instead of watching. But, I've decided I can't change the way I am... it's just not my thing! Sorry boys.

Nonetheless, today is Superbowl Sunday so I find myself getting ready to go to a friend's house to watch the game (or the commercials, if you're anything like me). Who do you want to win?? Since the Packers clearly aren't in the big game, I've decided to cheer for the New Orleans Saints. Why? No, it's not because I like their defense or anything football-related at all. If you must know, it's because Reggie Bush, the Saints' Running Back, is dating Kim Kardashian.

I just think these two are the cutest couple. And I want them to be happy! So, there you have it. All you football fans out there probably hate me now. But... to each his own. Go Saints!!

Happy Superbowl Sunday!! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

life after school?

This past week, I sat down with my advisor in the Communications Department. An hour and a half later, I emerged from his office feeling more relieved than when I walked in (which is unusual). After transferring schools twice, I sort of assumed I'd be in school forever- a thought that scared and frustrated me to no end. But, after several quarters of taking 19 credits, five petitions to the Chair of the Department, and a little bit of persuasion, I think I'm going to pull off graduation in December 2010! Phew!

This got me thinking, though. With the light finally at the end of the tunnel, I need to start making some major life decisions. Where do I want to live? My parents live in Seattle now, my boyfriend is finishing school in Kansas, and most of my friends are still back in Milwaukee. Who knows where I fit into all of that! What do I want to do? As a Broadcast Journalism Major, the assumption is that I'll end up in television or radio. But- what if I want to steer more towards Public Relations or Marketing? Will my degree in Broadcast completely destroy that thought? 

I have so many friends now that are graduating even before me (Spring 2010). And I know for a fact that they're all running these same thoughts through their minds over and over. It's a scary time for us young adults! I know it's also exciting, and it's a wonderful thing to have all these options. But, at 21 years old, it's quite daunting. None of us want to make a decision that we'll regret... and we all want to be happy and successful! Is that too much to ask? 

Here's my girlfriends and I, back in 2006 on the day of our high school graduation:

Back then, I was scared too. Life changes tend to do that to me. However, looking back, there was nothing to be scared of! It's been an interesting four years, and it certainly hasn't gone the way I would have thought, but it's been wonderful and I'm very happy where I am now. 

Ten years from now, I hope to come back and read this blog and feel that same way. So, here's to having the world as my oyster! And not screwing that up :)

Happy Saturday, readers!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last weekend, I went home. There's nothing better, as a college student, than going home. It's relaxing, comfortable and a welcomed break from school. (Not too mention the free, delicious home-cooked meals!) Here are some of the simple delicacies I enjoyed this time:

It was a short but pleasant visit to Mercer Island :) 

Speaking of Mercer Island, did I mention that it's SPRING in Seattle? I drove across the mountains and watched the temperature rise 15 degrees. And here's what I found the next morning in my mom's yard:

Can you believe it?? All you mid-westerners, I'm sure you're envious. You're lucky if you see any color besides brown or white before April! I'll take pink flowers over dirty snow any day.

Happy Wednesday- half-way through the week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Punxsutawney Phil

Happy Groundhog's Day!
It's February 2nd, which means the future of our weather will be decided today. Let's cross our fingers and toes for spring to come quickly!

Did you know that the groundhog has a name? Yup, it's Punxsutawney Phil. Did you also know that the Punxsutawney Phil has a Facebook? I wonder how that works. 

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

red carpet fever

Awards season is upon us, and it’s oh-so-fun!

A self-proclaimed celebrity gossip addict, I thoroughly enjoy a night when the starts actually want to be photographed. And oh, the glamour… the sparkle, the curls, the four-inch heels… It’s like high school prom times one million.

As fun as prom dress shopping always was with my mom and girlfriends, it was also quite frustrating. For most of us, prom is our first ‘formal’ event and the pressure to dazzle everyone is overwhelming. And I must say, there were always tears behind that dressing room door at Bloomingdale’s. I can only imagine the fun that celebrities have getting all glammed up for an awards show. Of course, I would have fun too if:

-I was getting designer dresses and jewels thrown at me… for free!
-I had my own personal team of stylists, hair, make-up and nail professionals on hand   with one goal: make me look spectacular
-I would already look stunning because, well, I’m a celebrity!

So, like I said- it’s prom… plus the fame and money... minus the frustrations and insecurities. Ahh, to be a celebrity…

Those incredible stars effortlessly saunter down the carpet, handing out Miss America waves and fierce poses. I, for one, would fail out there. Allow me to revert back to picture sessions before high school dances (pause for a cringe). Could anything be more uncomfortable?

Now don’t get me wrong… I loved high school dances! My senior prom, especially. But the prom is no awards show. Needless to say, we weren’t (and still aren’t) supermodel, super-skinny, super-fabulous celebrities. And that’s okay. I had fun, and at that time, I felt just as 'cool' as I can only imagine Heidi Klum does on the red carpet. Aside from a girl’s wedding day, high school prom is up there as one of the few Cinderella-esque fairy tale days in her life. Do you think my boyfriend and I could have made it on the red carpet last night in our senior prom get-ups?

Ha! I don’t think we're much competition for the celebs, but we did look pretty darn cute.

Here’s some of my ‘best dressed’ favorites from last night’s Grammy Awards:

In all honesty, I was slightly disappointed in the red carpet fashion last night. There wasn't much out there that excited me like fashion sometimes can. I was more impressed with the performances. Lady Gaga and Pink killed it! I love that they dare to be different. Sometimes it frightens me a bit, but this time.. it worked!
All in all, even with a disappointing red carpet run, I'll still tune in to the next awards show with high hopes to gawk over all of my favorite celebs... I hope you will too!

Happy Monday... another long week, but a lot to look forward to, too! : )