Sunday, September 26, 2010

wish list: a simple bracelet

I love this bracelet. And I really, really want it. That's all! Happy Sunday-eve. xo
{bracelet: here; photos: here}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

mad men: behind the scenes

Even if you're not a fan of Mad Men (gasp!) I think you'll still find these behind-the-scenes shots classic & curious. In true Rolling Stones fashion, the photos are effortless masterpieces, truly capturing the essence of the show. 
...what I wouldn't give to raid that wardrobe room...
So cool. Happy weekend, by the way! I'm reveling in immense relaxation while enjoying the uncharacteristically sunny weather here in Seattle. I hope your days off are just as lovely!

{images via rolling stones}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

one seasonal shoe

These shoes speak for themselves. Just the perfect fall and winter accessory. Cozy, with a hint of sex appeal (and of course, faux fur). I'll be dreaming of these all day long as I trek to campus in my sneakers for the first day of classes- sigh...

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Monday, September 20, 2010

wedding inspiration [a colored gown]

I'm really loving this bride and her fun, flirty wedding dress... especially the daring gray tint and the feathery sleeves. So chic, and so beautifully captured by photographer Cliff Brunk.
I'm up to my neck in wedding photographs since starting my internship, but this one still stands out to me. It's just a truly classic, sweet wedding - don't you think? 

How was your weekend? Mine was filled with football on a quick getaway to Palo Alto, CA to see my brother play in the Stanford game. Tons of fun & a big win... now back to the daily grind. Happy Monday!

{images via cliff brunk}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

nate berkus, i'll miss you

I got an invitation. I accepted the invitation. My invitation was confirmed. I screamed with glee. I panicked when I checked my calendar. It's such short notice! I threw caution to the wind. I scoured the web for cheap flights. I discovered there's no such thing. Reality got the best of me. I faced the facts. I'm not going.
So, in honor of my severe disappointment and missed opportunity to be a part of the Nate Berkus Show Design Blogger audience, I've pulled some of my favorite Nate rooms to share. 
His style is casual sophistication to the tee. To all my fellow design bloggers, have a fantastic time in NYC with Mr. Berkus. Can't wait to watch it all on t.v.! 

{images via nate berkus design}

Monday, September 13, 2010

kate spade: new arrivals

Really, really adoring Kate Spade's new arrivals in all of their girly goodness.
Three words: chic, sweet & polished.

Could I really pull off yellow tights? Or a 4-inch leopard print heel? Probably not. And that's why I love drooling over fabulous fashion from the comfort of my living room. 

It's been a long Monday of phone interviews, reviewing photo submissions and lots and lots of e-mails. I'm more than ready to indulge in a glass of chardonnay and a little Bachelor Pad. Goodnight! xo.

{shoe, glovescoat & hat}

Friday, September 10, 2010

happy pre-fall weekend

...just the most perfect chilly beach day outfit. have a special weekend!

{images via pigeon toed}

Thursday, September 9, 2010

a cozy fall color palette

I'm thoroughly enjoying the crisp colors in the Urban Grace Interiors portfolio. Erika really nailed the shades of the season in these rooms: charcoal gray, cappuccino, buttercream, army green & cranberry... 
{how girly and fabulous are the prints on the wall below?}
They're crisp, but warm -- elegant, yet effortless... and almost as perfect as this most wonderful fall weather we're getting here. An oversize sweater with skinny jeans and flip-flops will get you through the days... cool enough to cover up, but just warm enough to let your toes feel the breeze. Ahh, happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wedding inspiration [DIY]

I've slowly been falling in love with homemade weddings. There's something so romantic about the personal flair that comes along with a do-it-yourself wedding, and today, I've found yet another gem. Jamie and Jeremy's rustic wedding is relaxed, fun, and created almost entirely by the bride and groom's family and friends.
Love, love, LOVE the confetti cones, the place card ladders and the precious birdie cake-toppers. What a sweet celebration!

I'm back in Washington safe and sound and have officially started my internship, so expect to see more & more wedding obsessions in the coming weeks. Happy Wednesday!

{photographs by troy grover photography via green wedding shoes}