Friday, October 29, 2010

happy [football] weekend

Just a little sneak peek of what my weekend will consist of. No Halloween celebrating for me, just a whole lot of football. The family is in town and so is the Stanford football team! Despite a rainy forecast, we'll be tailgating on a boat on Lake Washington before heading to Husky Stadium to cheer on my little (big) brother and the rest of the Stanford Cardinal. Fear the tree!

Wishing all of you a festive Halloween weekend! See you next week. xo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

toasty thoughts

I'm not sure what it is about this week, but I just can't seem to warm up. As I write this, I'm bundled beneath my coziest sweatshirt, warm woolly socks and a fleece blanket and I'm practically shivering. Perhaps it's the fact that I spent eight hours on the beach in the pouring, freezing rain on Sunday for a photo shoot. Or maybe it's because I refuse to turn my heat on just yet. 
Either way, the cold has definitely made it's way to my town... and right up into my apartment. It has me dreaming of cozy winter nights, surrounded by blazing candles and a roaring fire. I have some serious apartment envy going on as I click through these photographs...
And even though this one isn't roaring, it sure is pretty!
I just might have to pull out a few more layers until I can find my way home to a big, beautiful blaze. Doesn't it just sound lovely? Happy Tuesday, all... stay warm! xo.

{images: onetwothreefourfive}

Friday, October 22, 2010

wish list: cathy waterman jewels

As if I didn't sound greedy enough on my last post, I've found another treasure to add to my ever-growing wish list. I'm just drooling over these gothic, romantic rings from Cathy Waterman. I'll let the photos speak for themselves...
They're dramatic, delicate and dreamy and I certainly wouldn't mind having my hands dripping in those colored jewels... 

It's finally the weekend, hooray! I'll be happily laying on the couch, recovering from a tough week. See you Monday! xo.

{images via seattle bride, cathy waterman and twist}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dear santa

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the holiday gift guide in the October/November issue of Lonny. Can it be? Time has been passing by in such a blur lately that I forgot to notice how quickly my favorite season is approaching! Imagine my glee as I "flipped" through the pages and started mentally crafting my own wish list. Here are my favorites:

1. A sparkly & festive pillow
2. Cozy, aromatic comfort
3. Two pretty ways to say 'hello!'
4. Cute & comfy footwear
5. Holiday party accessory must-haves

Have you made a wish list yet this year? I'm dying to know what's on it!

{images via lonny magazine}

Sunday, October 17, 2010

one silly decoration

How adorable is that? His and her pillows, facial hair and all. Definitely quirky, but also sweet and silly. Happy Sunday! I'm all bundled up in wool socks and an oversized hoodie as I scratch away at my to-do list -- wishing I could be picking apples or carving pumpkins instead...

{pillows & photo via freshlypicked}

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding inspiration: [ruffles & cowboy boots]

In honor of Wedding Wednesday, I just have to share this treasure with all of you! It's a brilliant blend of beauty, charm and just-plain fun. This bride and groom brought a big dose of glamorous romance to Mackay, Idaho. Enjoy!
{... what an incredible backdrop to say "I do!"}
I'm absolutely smitten with the quirky country details of this wedding! A forest green vintage pick-up is just the icing on the cake.
{Are you drooling yet? ...}
How fun! I guess it's true what they say... ladies love country boys ;-)
I'm rounding out a crazy-busy week and gearing up for Urban Unveiled tomorrow night! Hope you're taking some time to enjoy this beautiful, crisp fall. xo

{images via style me pretty}

Sunday, October 10, 2010

in the kitchen: craving cupcakes

It's been one of those weekends here in Seattle... very rainy, very cold and very grey. The kind of weekend that makes you want to snuggle up inside and bake something comforting and delicious. Since I haven't had the chance to fulfill my stomach's desires, I've been living vicariously through Ming and her cupcakes this morning.
Vanilla almond cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting... Port wine and cherry chocolate cupcakes with Mascarpone frosting... Peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and chocolate Ganache... Graham cupcakes with key lime cream cheese frosting...
They're beautiful, creative and no doubt delicious. My very best friend is in town this week for some much-needed girl time. We'll be busy seeing some movies, doing some shopping and catching up over a few glasses of chardonnay. Happy Sunday, and go Packers! 

{images via ming makes cupcakes}

Monday, October 4, 2010

a year in review: mckenzie blair turns one!

Well, the real McKenzie Blair is a little bit older than one, but this month marks my blog’s first birthday! I tediously created this space last October as a selfish means of self-expression. I wanted to be challenged and inspired. I wanted to keep a record of images, ideas and thoughts that I never wanted to forget. But most of all, I wanted to find a safe outlet for the creative energy inside of me that didn’t yet have a voice in my everyday life.
Along the way, I unleashed a fierce passion that had been living idly underneath my consciousness for most of my life. I realized I love to write. I love to click through photographs of beautiful things and let my mind wander. I love to use adjectives, and I love to write with a voice, not a formula. And I really love to let Pandora ring in my ear as I combine all of these things and create a post to share with the world.
So, here I am one year later, all these realizations burning in my mind as I think back to just how far I’ve come. 

This blog inspired me to change my major to print journalism – a move that may have postponed my graduation date, but also may have been the best thing I’ve ever done. 
This blog helped me snag a killer internship with Seattle Bride Magazine – an opportunity that is both challenging and rewarding in all the best ways possible. 
This blog has boosted my confidence and given me the courage to be who I am, free of shame or embarrassment. 
And this blog has introduced me to a community of bloggers that can only be described as fabulous. I’m eternally grateful for the love, support and kind comments from family, friends and complete strangers that have quickly become friends.
And now, a quick look back at some of my favorite mckenzie blair moments…
…my all-time favorite wedding editorial
…still on my wish-list
…a trend that won’t quit (and I’m not complaining)
…an exciting personal moment
…always filed away for my future kitchen: 

This year, I'd like to open up my page for 'business.' If you're interested in collaborating, sponsoring or advertising, I'd love to work with you! Please e-mail me for more information.

Here’s hoping that the next year of mckenzie blair brings even more inspiration, opportunities and joy to myself and my readers. Cheers!
"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt