Tuesday, January 25, 2011

wish list: handmade jewelry

It's amazing what sorts of little treasures you'll find when you spend some quality time browsing the web. This morning, my heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon Mayfly Designs' custom, handmade jewelery. 
All the pieces have that unique, crafty look that's so hard to find in stores. I'm dying for the soft fabrics, brass hardware & mustard yellow flower of the Naomi, and the angelic off-white look from that perfectly-named Grace necklace. The everyday collection continues with pearls, semi-precious stones, organza & gold silk. Yes, please!
I'll certainly be keeping this site bookmarked for very easy future reference. Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining but I'm stuck inside working on some much overdue school work. Hoping for a study break to walk the dogs in the afternoon sun! xo. 


Erika @ Practical Princess said...

Hi! How does it feel being away from Ellensburg? lol

Hope all is well!

p.s. Cannot wait for Rue issue 3 on Thursday!

McKenzie said...

Hi! It's actually quite nice living over here on the west side :) Can't wait to be done in March! Hope you're doing well too -- good to hear from you!