Tuesday, February 8, 2011

happy [romantic] weekend

Looking for some flirty inspiration today? Check out ban.do's new website & click through the endless images and products. They're fun, they're colorful and they're sparkly -- what more could you ask for the weekend before Valentines Day? I'm feeling more romantic already. Thank goodness, because I'm headed to the Midwest in the morning for a long weekend with Mr. Sweet. I can't wait! See you next week, and happy celebrating! xo.

{images via ban.do}



bando has the cuuutest accessories!!

happy valentines!


aaez said...

ah i love love ban.do!

audrey marie said...

that last photo - amazing. the flower, the hair, the lips. in LOVE!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog, I appreciate it! Just became one of your followers. :)

p.s. Love that giant pink bow!!

Cassie Lee said...

I love that website, it was created by one of my favorite bloggers at http://www.designlovefest.com/ (check it out!) and thanks for commenting on my blog!

Cassie Lee said...

I just went through your whole blog!! I can't stop reading your posts, love it! I'm totally following you, follow back if you like :)