Tuesday, March 1, 2011

online "glossies"

There's nothing quite like the moment your favorite magazine comes in the mail. You throw the cell phone bills, the thank-you notes & the Pottery Barn catalogs aside before sinking into the couch with the latest issue. It smells good -- like a pleasant mix of fruity perfume samples and freshly printed ink -- and it feels good in your hands. It's a relaxing and enjoyable process as you flip the pages, dog-ear your favorites and store old issues for future inspiration. 

So, imagine my surprise when I fell in love with the fabulous new trend of online magazines. My first thoughts were as follows: "It won't be the same," "I spend enough time on the computer," "No." But I was pleasantly surprised with the interactive process of reading these impressive publications. Are you on board yet? If you've hesitated in fear of giving up one of your most treasured past times, take the leap with a few of my favorites:
     1. High Gloss
     2. Lonny
     3. Matchbook
     4. Rue

The best part? Some of my favorite bloggers edit, write and create the content. So now, I digitally dog-ear my favorite pages (bookmark) and save a whole lot of space at home by letting each publication "store" my old issues right there on their sites. How convenient! And while I still keep one eye on the mailbox for my treasured and tangible magazines, I keep the other eye on Twitter for the links to these newest issues. Welcome to 2011!

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My Beautiful Life said...

I know! All of those are great. It does save loads of space. I still have to have a couple of my favorites, the old school way though.

Tamuna said...

Ohhh what did you get me into!!! I'll be all over these sites bookmarking pages :)

A Journey to Style

steinbeck says said...

I love magazines too. It helps (or can be trouble) to work for a company that distributes. I had already checked out a couple of the online newbies, but love hearing about the other two. :)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I do love all the new online glossies -- they have such fantastic content, but I miss the feel of real magazines now and then.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

these mags r great - but i end up never seeing them b/c i don't have the time to look on-line - BUT i get to see most of the good stuff on everyone's blog - so it works out :o)

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