Monday, April 11, 2011

a new, old house

I stumbled upon a fabulous house with a fabulous story from The New York Times tonight and I must say, it's hard to find anything in this house that I don't like. The muted colors, the antique details, and the fresh flowers & citrus centerpieces. I love it all, especially the story of how it came to be: 

"After Hurricane Katrina destroyed the house... they bulldozed it, raised their lot four feet and built a classic cottage, complete with shutters and a picket fence, for $356,000." 

They pulled their favorite belongings out of the post-storm mess and refurnished, repainted & recreated their home. Do yourself a favor and click here for more gorgeous pictures & details. Happy Monday!

{images by sara essex via the ny times}


My Beautiful Life said...

I love how she used so many things that were salvageable from her pre-Katrina home. Read the article earlier, and loved the tray that she dubbed "the katrina patina", as well as those architectural details that she was able to score for $1,500 to make her home have more character.

Hope you have a great week, McKenzie. :)

Anna Cooke said...

This is seriously gorgeous! I Just made a post about my favorite interior design aesthetic by taking photos I find on pinterest, but this house is amazing because it is everything I love in one!

Your blog is seriously gorgeous by the way, one of my favorites that I've come upon!

<3 Anna

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

What a beautiful story for such a lovely home! It's so important for people to rebuild in the New Orleans area and it looks like these people got it right. Whatever container those flowers are in, I love it.

amy b.s. said...

that photo with the flowers is too cute.

designedbyann said...

it is lovely! I have an affection for painted white vintage looking furniture!