Thursday, June 30, 2011

do it on purpose

Red's never really been my best color, so I'm sticking with pink on this fourth of July weekend. The soft blushy tones in this bedroom are simply perfect for the relaxed vibe I'm expecting for the holiday. Here's to three days off, fireworks & face paint, and our independence! 

{images: one, two}

Thursday, June 23, 2011

always accessorize

I love my accessories. I used to gravitate toward loud clothes to spice up my outfits. Hot pink & floral prints were hard to miss in my closet. But I've recently realized that my favorite look takes a simpler approach -- softer fabrics in neutral shades are typically more flattering and will go with everything... And allow for lots of fun accessorizing. 
Wouldn't you just die for Kate Davidson Hudson's collection of goodies? The studded bangles, the vintage cocktail rings, the fabulous green crocodile skin clutch...
I suppose I should expect nothing less from ELLE Magazine's accessories director (hello, dream job!), but getting dressed in the morning sure would be fun with choices like that. 

Happy Thursday! Anyone else having a crazy-busy, hectic week? Me too. Dreaming up my weekend plans already...

{images by jake rosenburg via the coveteur}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

wedding inspiration [nature]

Going totally crazy for these wedding inspiration photos tonight. I love the idea of embracing God's naturally beautiful creations & using them in your wedding decor. What could be better than overgrown hydrangeas, a simple twine bow & a torrential downpour to celebrate your newlywed bliss?

Until I started blogging & closely following way too many other sites, I never really realized how many wedding-planning options were out there. But I say, why not stick with simple, unfussy details that can be found in your backyard? They can't go out of style and they're beautiful any time of year -- pretty hard to go wrong there.

Feeling inspired? Enjoy a few more of my favorite nature-inspired weddings & engagement photos from around the blogosphere:
Happy Thursday night, hooray! One of the first things I learned in college is that Thursday night is the best night of the week. And while I don't celebrate it quite like I used to, it still almost feels like Christmas Eve -- so full of anticipation of what's to come. What's to come in your weekend? I'm headed to the Gorge in my cowboy boots to see Luke Bryan, Band Perry and Tim McGraw. Yeehaw!

{images via unknown/pinterestmy bride idea; wit + delight}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fashion bloggers: friend or foe?

Anyone else out there have a love/hate relationship with fashion blogs? Half the time they inspire me to embrace my closet, take wardrobe risks & be stylish every single day. But sometimes, they make me feel like I could never compare, and that my blue jeans & crewneck Gap t-shirts aren't good enough in this big, fashionable world. Such a dilemma.

But despite our tumultuous relationship, I keep coming back for more -- especially over at Atlantic-Pacific. I'm continually impressed by Blair's bold looks, and I love that I couldn't define her style in just one word. In a semi-nutshell, I would use the words classic, quirky, darling, edgy &  fascinating. I'm not even sure that those adjectives can be used in the same sentence, but that's the beauty of Atlantic-Pacific. It's all the styles that I love, hate, aspire to & only dream of, mixed into one inspiring fashion blog. If you haven't yet, go there. Now. And enjoy!

{all images via atlantic-pacific}

Monday, June 13, 2011

homemade brownies

Some days I'm drawn to modern, & sometimes I lust for edgy. But tonight, I'm craving comfortable. I love the homey look of these rooms and can almost smell the homemade brownies baking in the oven. Big windows, perfectly flawed wood floors & flowers on the table make me feel right at home -- the best feeling a house can conjure. 

My sincerest apologies for such sporadic posting in recent weeks. I've been dealing with a difficult doggy death, a spontaneous trip to see my best friends in the Midwest & too many other things. I hope you've been finding inspiration elsewhere & continuing to enjoy life's random, beautiful "things." As the days get longer and life settles back into normality, I'll do my best to visit your blogs and post more regularly once again. Thanks for your patience and continued support. Happy Monday -- here's to a happy week!

{images via tiny white daisies; bhg; c'est chouette}