Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a softer summer shade

I've always been a color girl -- always. I grew up with a closet full of hot pink everything, and I'm a major sucker for jewel tones. So imagine my surprise as I continuously find myself drawn to neutrals for summer. There's something surprisingly refreshing and sweet about muted colors against tan skin, that I just can't help but love.
As with most things, Emersonfry does neutrals best. The white mod dress and two-button skirt are certainly on my wish list for warmer weather -- and perhaps that perfect pink sandal is just the touch of color I need. What does your summer wardrobe palette look like this year? Are you on trend with neons and bright pastels, or are you feeling drawn to softer shades like I am?

I hope you'll forgive my absenteeism lately. Life's been crazy (in the best way possible) and I've had to re-prioritize a few things. The short version: I got homesick and ran back to Seattle for a long visit, traveled back to the Midwest feeling better than ever, spent lots of time and money enjoying my new-found social life, entertained my first few visitors in Chicago, got a job {!}, experienced a rude awakening to the exhaustion of the real world and then finally got in the swing of things and came back to write a blog post. So, thanks for your patience. More to come!

{all images via emersonfry}