Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a softer summer shade

I've always been a color girl -- always. I grew up with a closet full of hot pink everything, and I'm a major sucker for jewel tones. So imagine my surprise as I continuously find myself drawn to neutrals for summer. There's something surprisingly refreshing and sweet about muted colors against tan skin, that I just can't help but love.
As with most things, Emersonfry does neutrals best. The white mod dress and two-button skirt are certainly on my wish list for warmer weather -- and perhaps that perfect pink sandal is just the touch of color I need. What does your summer wardrobe palette look like this year? Are you on trend with neons and bright pastels, or are you feeling drawn to softer shades like I am?

I hope you'll forgive my absenteeism lately. Life's been crazy (in the best way possible) and I've had to re-prioritize a few things. The short version: I got homesick and ran back to Seattle for a long visit, traveled back to the Midwest feeling better than ever, spent lots of time and money enjoying my new-found social life, entertained my first few visitors in Chicago, got a job {!}, experienced a rude awakening to the exhaustion of the real world and then finally got in the swing of things and came back to write a blog post. So, thanks for your patience. More to come!

{all images via emersonfry}

Friday, January 27, 2012

so clutch.

I'm in the market for an alternative to my gigantic weekday bag. It's overly stuffed, gets in the way and very quickly becomes a black hole of makeup, receipts and loose change -- not exactly ideal for a night on the town. So, I'm obsessing over these chic and cheerful options that will no doubt add something special to any outfit, all the while forcing you to cut the clutter and enjoy the party. Love! 

What are your weekend plans? For the first time since the big move, I have a fairly low-key weekend ahead and I'm looking forward to crossing things off the apartment to-do list, enjoying the unseasonably warm Chicago weather and teaching myself how to use the public transit system {!}. Here's to a little relaxation and plenty of fun. Cheers!

{images via: one, two, three}

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

blank canvas

Have you ever moved across the country? It's not easy, logistically speaking, and I'm feeling the pain as I settle into my new space in Chicago with  nothing more than a few boxes of clothes. All the furniture, decor and pretty little accessories from apartments past got left behind in an effort to ship as little as possible. And while the shoppers at Goodwill were likely having a heyday, I was pathetically mourning a loss and envisioning all the work to be done to set up my new home. 
But now, as I sit at my computer excitedly browsing for online inspiration, I'm having a new vision -- an adorable little apartment filled with brand new stuff, including patterned chairs, bold lighting and monogrammed touches throughout.
So as we welcome 2012, I can successfully use the cliched 'out with the old, in with the new' philosophy and embrace my blank canvas. Perhaps I'll even venture out to the local Goodwill and see if I can benefit from someone else's cross-country move!

{images: Urban Outfitters Ziggy Chair, Anthropologie Rhododendron Chandelier & Oversized Zinc Letters}

Monday, December 26, 2011

life according to iphone - christmas edition

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely and filled with a last-minute Christmas Tree adventure, lots of wrapped goodies for the dog, a sparkly gift to myself, cheesy colored lights and (of course) matching pajamas. What could be better? Hope yours was just as magical. 

I'm off to Chicago in just two days, and plan to soak up as much family down time as I can before my plane takes off and I soar off to my new life in the Midwest. Cheers!

{images via instagram for iphone}

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

small spaces

Part of the reality of moving to a new city is a very tiny budget and an even tinier apartment to decorate with that very tiny budget. As I plan for my new space, I'm having to get creative, get thrifty and get used to feeling slightly claustrophobic, but I'm learning that this could actually be kind of fun.
These days, the internet is overflowing with inspiration and my wheels are officially spinning with thoughts of pint-size furniture, simple accessories and lots of light. But first on my list is a storage solution for a girl with a lot of shoes and a cramped closet. So tell me . . . how do you save space while still keeping your style?

{images via: one, two}

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a new adventure

I'm back in action with some exciting news to share...
I'm returning to my Midwest roots and moving to Chicago after the holidays! I'm all at once excited, terrified, anxious and hopeful for all that comes with a new adventure, and I can't wait to share details and stories with all of you along the way.
In the meantime, I'm knee deep in boxes, job searches and adjusting my wardrobe to fit in with big city style -- and frigid weather! For starters, I'm dreaming of opaque tights, classic accessories and the perfect fur vest. Stay tuned throughout the holiday season for more details and inspiration, and thanks for sharing in my new adventure with me!

{images via: one, two, three}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fall is fabulous

The leaves are changing color. Say it ain't so! When I was in high school and college, I thought time flew by. I never wanted to miss a night with friends, or a football game, or an awkward dance, because before I knew it I was a sophomore and then a junior and then, almost overnight, I was a senior walking through the field house in an ugly cap and gown. 
Since graduating college, though, I've learned the true meaning of "time flies." Having a real job means that each week blends into the next, September no longer means the start of a new year and before you know it, you've been at your job for six months in what feels like two. And the leaves are changing!
Admittedly, the vast majority of you are already missing summer. Not me. I live for fall -- the weather, the fashion, the lifestyle. How could you not love chilly football weekends, the first pot of chili and dusting off your favorite boots and chunky sweaters? Eek!
I hope your week is off to a great (and not-quite-as-busy-as-mine) start, and you're taking a moment to appreciate the beginning of what is sure to be a fabulous fall. Happy Tuesday!

{images via: one, two, three}