Thursday, January 6, 2011

le sigh

*I'm so in love with the quiet comfort of this house . . . 
Dark hardwood floors get me every time, especially against the crisp white walls and simple furniture adorning these beautiful rooms. An understated chandelier, a double-sided floral headboard and a perfectly draped claw foot tub round out my favorite touches. 
This is just the kind of peaceful abode that I dream of escaping to on stressful days . . . no unnecessary clutter, just soft colors, pretty things & a purring kitten. Perfection.

Luckily, I haven't had one of those stressful days in quite some time. I took a very extended holiday and spent almost too much time sleeping in, eating good food and relaxing with old friends. Here's hoping you got to do the same. Happy Thursday!

{images via 1st-Option}


dulci said...

this is my dream house!!

JRuud said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!!

The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...

Just screams chic and relaxation...all the white appears to take all the troubles away!